Tuesday, July 18, 2017

After Dem Senator Says Mike Pence 'Lies' About GOP Health Care Bill, Veep Sends Him to the Canvas with One Tweet

First things first.
It's no secret that Democratic lawmakers are given to hyperbolic hysteria over most proposals put forward by their Republican counterparts, particularly when it comes to health care and entitlement programs.
So it came as no surprise last week when Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) accused Vice President Mike Pence of spreading “evil lies” at an “epidemic rate” about the latest iteration of the Senate GOP health care bill:
Murphy's accusation pointed to Friday's tweet from Pence:
Setting aside the debate over what the GOP proposal does or doesn't do to Medicaid, Murphy's “epidemic rate of lying” blast was not lost on the vice president.
To borrow a boxing metaphor, never “lean into a left hook.”
In other words, if you're about to be on the receiving end of a smackdown, don't make it easy on the guy who's about to deliver it. And deliver it Mike Pence did:
Match over, Sen. Murphy. Get up off the canvas and go home.
But as noted by Twitchy, there's more, including PolitiFact's 2014 “Lie of the Year,” compliments of former President Barack Obama:
And “Ivan Trumpovic” — love that — took a shot at liberal hypocrisy in general:
Incidentally, President Donald Trump admonished Congressional Republicans on Monday to abandon replacement efforts for now, and simply repeal Obamacare:

Either way, Chris Murphy, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer & Co. are unlikely to back off their fits of hyperbolic hysteria. After all, evil Republicans want to push wheelchair-bound grandmas off cliffs, don't they?