Saturday, July 22, 2017

Alaskan Bush People’s Reveal Ami’s Cancer Prognosis – Please Pray

Ami Brown from Alaskan Bush People is diagnosed with lung cancer. It was recently announced on the TV series that Ami has lung cancer which is in stage IV. On the latest episode of the TV series, fans got an update on her condition. Billy, Ami’s husband, revealed how serious her condition is.
TMN Today cities Billy: “Ami’s hurting pretty bad,” he said during Wednesday night’s episode. “We’re in for probably a lot harder road than we’ve ever faced. There’s no doubt about that.”
Sheila McCormack, the executive producer, delivered the treatment news to the family on the show.
TMN Today cities McCormack: “So the radiation is five days a week for six weeks. After the radiation, once a week she goes to the other building and they put an IV in her and she gets chemotherapy for four hours.”
Ami only weighs 94 pounds as cancer made her unable to walk properly. McCormack also said that if she continues to lose pounds, a feeding tube will be inserted in her.
Her 32-year old son Bam is taking the news very hard. He said while he was hugging his mother, he felt how thin she was.
TMN Today cities Bam: “What’s going on now is the most difficult thing we’ve gone through because of who it’s happening to – because it’s mom and because of what it is. It makes a house burning down or a boat sinking or needing five stitches no big deal. This is really difficult. I don’t even know what to say.”
The Brown Family is saddened by Ami’s condition. However, they are fighting to save her life. In this case, they should be prepared for the worst case scenario.
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2012, cancer took 8.2 million lives worldwide. It is expected that this number will rise in the next 20 years.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Brown family during this hard time.