Thursday, July 20, 2017

BREAKING: Famous Rock Star Claims Israel’s Regime Is As Worst As “Nazi Germany”

President Donald Trump has invested a lot of time and energy attempting to mend the wounds of our relationship with Israel, caused by the Obama administration.
With ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups constantly threatening stability in the Middle East, President Trump recognizes the clear need for a stronger Israel to bring peace to the region. It didn’t take long for celebrities to attempt to undermine Trump’s efforts.
Roger Waters of Pink Floyd recently called the Jewish state the “worst regime in the world,” going as far as to compare it to Nazi Germany.
“I think that artists who say that they can somehow improve the situation by going and playing in Israel and having conversations with Israeli artists are wrong,” Roger commented. “I’ll tell you why I think they’re wrong, and that is because there are many, many Israeli Jews who are part of the BDS movement…and any of those people will say, ‘No, I don’t want to sit around a campfire with you, what I want you to do is not cross the picket line.’”
Waters then called on other performers to boycott Israel.
“It’s hard not to go back to [Joseph] Goebbels. [Israel’s] tactic is to tell the big lie as often as possible over and over and over again,” Waters said. “They’ve been living in this constant state of hasbara created by AIPAC and the Israeli lobby in the United States—all of them, their whole life.”

What do you think of Waters’ comments? Is he way out of line?