Saturday, July 22, 2017

CHECKMATE: What Trump JUST Did To Stop Mueller In His Tracks Will Make Democrats EVERYWHERE Cry

President Trump is taking a huge next step in his fight against special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into his ties with Russia during the 2018 campaign.
The legal team Mueller assembled has come under fire for possible bias against Republicans after several members have been found to have donated large sums to Democratic campaigns.
One of the attorneys in President Trump’s external legal team, Jay Sekulow, said in comments to The Associated Press that he and the other lawyers “will consistently evaluate the issue of conflicts and raise them in the appropriate venue.”
This new development comes after Mueller said he would be looking into the Trump business transactions during the investigation. The president has charged that looking into his finances, or that of his family, is inappropriate.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a press conference that President Trump is concerned with the breadth of the investigation and that Mueller “should stay in the confines of meddling, Russia meddling, and the election and nothing beyond that.”
President Trump is lawyered up and ready to fight Mueller tooth and nail if he crosses the line. President Trump has called Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt”- and that will only become more obvious as his legal team begins to delve into Mueller’s bias.
It’s just too bad the President has to do this instead of dedicating himself fully to governing the country. The swamp won’t be drained in a day- but it will be drained!
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