Wednesday, July 12, 2017


KIRSTERS BAISH| It’s no secret that Former President Barack Obama has used taxpayer’s money to treat himself and his family to pretty much whatever the hell they desire. Since his departure from the White House, Obama has blown through so much money, spending it on lavish vacations and living like a celebrity. Fortunately for us, Congress isn’t going to let it slide. It has been reported that Congress has just let Obama know that his hefty government pension could very well be taken away. Finally, some good news!
Since leaving office, Obama has continued to prove that he is a leftist elitist who isn’t scared to spend money earned by other people. Although it is understandable that after leaving office it is fairly normal for a Former President to take some kind of vacation to unwind, the never-ending string of trips that Obama has been taking has been getting out of hand.
After leaving the Oval Office in January, Obama took his family on a pricy getaway to Marlon Brando’s private island in Bali. He then took his family to the four-seasons where the rooms cost approximately $2,000 a night. It didn’t stop there. The Obamas reportedly continued their never-ending vacation to a Palm Springs estate, then onto Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. After those trips the family stayed at the Mid Pacific Country Club in Oahu, which if you didn’t know, is extremely exclusive. Then it was onto the 13thcentury Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany. After that they went to the Rising Sun, and Hollywood studio mogul Davis Geffen’s private yacht. It seems like he has spent more time in the last six months going on vacations than the average American does in a lifetime.

To put it all in perspective for you, the Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany is actually a restored medieval hamlet. It contains five villas with 22 bedrooms. This mansion can only be rented out in its entirety with a three-day minimum stay. Is this a freaking joke?
The distain I have for this man is unreal. Word on the street is that the Democrats are not so happy with his behavior either. What else has Obama been doing? He’s been counting his millions from book deals and speaking fees. Who the hell would pay this imbecile to talk?   
Although many Democrats are becoming more and more unhappy with our Former President’s unacceptable behavior, there are still the die-hard Obama supporters who kiss his rear simply because he was “the first black President” of the United States. How can you call a man who spends all of the people’s money on himself the “people’s president”? He certainly never cared about the people before, and doesn’t mind throwing in our faces that he still doesn’t care about us now.

It was reported by USA Today that Congress is considering a bill that would potentially cancel all pension payments to past presidents if they currently earn $400,000 or more in a fiscal year, which clearly Obama has been doing. You’ll find it no big surprise that Obama vetoed that very bill while he was in office when it was first introduced. Hmm, it almost seems like Obama had a plan for his post-presidency lifestyle while he was in office. He wasn’t going to let Congress come between him and “his” money.
It seems as though Congress saw straight through Obama’s plans to rake in as much of other people’s money as he could. Now that Obama is no longer the President, Congress is going right for the throat.

House Oversight and Government Reform Chair Jason Chaffetz responded to the USA Today report that Obama’s earnings very well may cause congressional action by saying that “Obama’s $400,000 speech could prompt Congress to go after his pension.”

There you have it folks, our Former President has proved himself to be a real POS. It’s about time that someone stop him in his tracks before he spends any more of our money on unnecessary getaways for himself and his family.