Friday, July 21, 2017

CUT OFF: Trump Just Did One Thing No Other President Would Do To North Korea

This whole North Korea having nukes business has brought up a lot of very bad issues. One of the biggest came after the death of Otto Wambier, who traveled to North Korea for leisure.
Yep, the US has had flights to Pyongyang despite the brutal regime kidnapping Americans for decades. Isn’t that insane? Well, looks like Donald Trump thought so too. Look what he just did:

President Trump has now banned all US citizens from traveling to North Korea.

The ban is set to go into effect in late August and the official announcement date is July 27. However, 2 of the tourist agencies that handle North Korean vacations said they have already been handed the news.
Okay, let me take a break real quick. Why the HELL do we have tourist agencies scheduling North Korean getaways when they are our enemies and building nukes? This is insane! Plus, that means WE were funding their economy with tourism. Ugh…
Okay, so back to business. If a US citizen is caught traveling to North Korea through backdoor routes like China after the 30 day grace period, their passport will be suspended. That is some serious business.
If you are glad to see President Trump handling an issue we should have dealt with decades ago, share this out and let him know it.