Thursday, July 20, 2017

Exposed: Police Documents Reveal Seth Rich Murder Cover Up

Democrat National Committee staffer Seth Rich’s murder in July of 2016 is increasingly looking like it was a political assassination and is now being actively covered up by Hillary’s party.
Just a block from his home in the early morning hours of July 10, 2016, Rich was shot twice in the back just after getting off of his cellphone with his girlfriend. Police responded to the shooting and found Rich still conscious, but he died on the way to a local hospital. Washington Metro PD ruled it a burglary despite Rich’s father saying nothing was taken from his slain son.

Footage from the police officers body cams, squad car and from security cameras across the street from the scene have all been ‘lost’. The official police report on the incident as well as the death certificate have been kept from the public.
Earlier this month it was reported that an hour or two prior to Rich’s murder an FBI vehicle located within the vicinity had been broken into and an assault rifle and hand gun, along with other equipment, had been stolen. The takeaway being the implication that the same ‘burglars’ who robbed the FBI also shot and killed Rich in an attempted robbery, possibly using the very guns they had stolen.

Infowars has the stunning story of how this heist of FBI gear has blown up in the faces of the Deep State.

Up until July 22, the FBI and the D.C. PD reports on the theft of the weapons stated that the incident occurred between 6:45 a.m. and 7:49 a.m on the 10th of July, with the agent in charge of the vehicle, Matthew Laird, calling in the theft at 7:50 a.m.

On July 22 Wikileaks flooded the media with the now infamous hacked Hillary emails. In a previous report by Conservative Brief, it has been shown that a DNC insider was responsible for the leaks and not Russian hackers. The theory is that Rich, who had all the criteria for being the leaker, was working with Wikileaks to expose a corrupted DNC that had robbed Bernie Sanders of a fair primary.
Within forty-five minutes of the emails being released “the FBI put out $10,000 reward for the stolen weapons incident, changing the time the FBI break-in occurred to between Midnight and 2:00 a.m. on July 10, 2016, with no explanation of why the time was changed from the initial FBI report,” writes Infowars, who obtained police records on the incident.
The narrative was cast.
The conspiracy gets even more disturbing.
FBI agent Laird was parked just outside the residence of “Anne Marie Malacha…a Senior Vice President at Dezenhall, a well-known public relations firm and crisis management consultant headquartered in Washington, D.C.”
Both Laird and Malacha are on record as together reporting the burglarizing of the FBI vehicle.
I am going to make two predictions:
  • Laird participated in or supervised the killing of Seth Rich
  • Dezenhall will be exposed as being a DNC hired firm

I hope I am wrong.