Wednesday, July 26, 2017

HILLARY IS HORRIFIED: The FBI Just Arrested Top Democrat IT Guy For Something TERRIBLE

The house of cards is finally coming tumbling down. Late last night the FBI arrested the DNC’s top IT guy, Imran Awan, while he was trying to flee the country to Pakistan.
So what’s the big deal about this guy? Well, Imran has been a target of FBI investigations for a VERY long time now. The Dems have defended him ruthlessly, even going as far as threatening a police chief on camera.
He was the top IT consultant for Debbie Wasserman Schultz while she headed the DNC. In just 5 years, the Dems paid Imran and his family in Pakistan 4 million dollars.

Imran and his family also had full access to ALL the DNC’s emails and many of the emails of individual Democrat politicians.

The FBI finally got him, though, when Awan and his wife took out a $165,000 loan on a house in the US they owned and did not live in as a final payday before fleeing to Pakistan.
Even more suspicious, his wife pulled their kids from school and packed up everything leave in May of this year. Almost like they KNEW they were in trouble…
When the FBI showed up at his house this week to seize hard drives that are part of their investigation, they found Imran had smashed ALL of them with a hammer. Sounds a lot like a Hillary Clinton move.
Well, now they have him. The FBI finally found a chink in the chain of the Democrat crime family. Now, the questions is can they get him to squeal on his bosses and WHICH bosses will he rat out?
Never forget the horrible moment that Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened a DC Police chief over a laptop they investigating related to his case. She REALLY didn’t want them to see what was on it.
Share this out so people see that Trump really IS getting close to taking down the criminals in Washington DC!