Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Smoking can cut the penis by one centimeter

Though you think you know everything when it comes to penis, you can always expect it by surprise!
1. Did you know that smoking can cut your penis by one centimeter? Given that erection depends on the good blood mirror, excessive nicotine can just disturb the bloodstream. Warn your loved ones about this and, if you are not worried about getting cancer from the lungs, then save your penis.

2. Keep in mind that the average male's orgasm lasts 6 seconds, while women 23. Therefore, if you are one of those who strengthen the equality of partners you have to extend it ... even three times.

3. Only one of the 400 men is flexible enough to indulge themselves orally! Okay, we'll just keep going, not commenting on this research.

4. There are two types of penis. One in the erection is prolonged, while the other large is not growing much when it reaches the erection. According to a survey by Men's Helath, 79% of men are in the first group, while only 21% in the second group.
5. Men who look more beautiful have the most powerful sperm. Spanish scholars have shown photographs of boys who have good, average or bad sperm and have begged to choose one of them. Women have most often chosen the sperm whose sperm is then found to be the most potent.

6. The most common cause of penis rupture is the energetic masturbation. Some dangers are not really worth it.

7. And finally, a historical surprise - the penis with which the beautiful gender members were most likely satisfied with the penis of King Tongos, Fatefeh, who allegedly took the virginity of 37,800 women between the 1770s And 1784, which means 7 virgins in a day. And let someone say it's not good to be a king!