Monday, July 31, 2017

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: After Reince Priebus Got Fired, He Went on Live TV & Did the UNTHINKABLE

The mainstream media couldn’t WAIT to report the news that Reince Priebus had resigned as President Trump’s chief of staff. This just adds to their bogus narrative that Trump has lost control. CNN and others had been reporting about “tensions” in the White House leading to Reince’s departure. 
But just a couple days after he resigned, Priebus went on CNN and shocked everyone. Priebus joined Wolf Blitzer for an exclusive interview and did the unthinkable. 
Instead of bashing Trump, like CNN and Wolf wanted him to do, Reince Priebus praised President Trump and talked about how great of a job he is doing. Reince also revealed that he was still in the White House, working with President Trump to ensure a smooth transition to the next chief of staff. Wolf was shocked, and kept trying to push CNN’s false narrative about “tensions,” but Reince was having none of it.  
Reince went even further by praising President Trump’s choice to replace him. The fact that Reince was in the White House, days after turning in his resignation, shows that there is no real “chaos” at the White House. Just a smooth transition, with Reince leaving the White House still very close with President Trump and one of his biggest fans. WATCH the video below then SHARE on Facebook so it goes viral!