Tuesday, July 25, 2017

UNACCEPTABLE: Veteran Forced To Remove His American Flag On Truck At Braves Tailgate, Watch What He Did Instead

Recently, a group of patriots—including an army vet— were reprimanded for proudly displaying the American flag at a recent Atlanta Braves game. Their outrageous story is quickly going viral.
“One of my best friends, and probably the most decent guy I know, was asked to take down his American Flag at his Braves tailgate yesterday,” the army vet’s friend told Chicks on the Right. “Adam is an avid Braves fan, season ticket/parking holder, but most importantly, is an Army veteran. Adam served our country throughout the world including multiple tours in Afghanistan. The parking attendant wouldn’t clarify as to ‘why’ it needed to be removed, but basically said ‘don’t kill the messenger.’”
After reviewing the rules of the venue, Adam and his friends were unable to find anything relating to American flags being displayed at tailgates.
“He isn’t the type of guy that would call news departments, nor does he have social media, so my friend and I decided we should speak up. He was heartbroken yesterday and felt his favorite baseball team and country let him down,” his friend continued. “Can we make this a bigger issue?”
Take a look at the tweet below and tell us what you think.