Saturday, July 29, 2017

[VIDEO]:Trump Generously Donates His Quarterly Salary To A Very Good Cause

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that President Donald Trump’s second quarterly salary will be donated to the United States Department of Education. During a recent press conference, Sanders presented DOE Secretary Betsy DeVos with a check for $100,000.
DeVos then took to the podium to praise Trump’s efforts, declaring the money will be used to fund a STEM-focused camp.
“The President is committed to our nation’s students and to reforming education in America so that every child, no matter their zip code, has access to high-quality education,” said DeVos.
“Today’s and tomorrow’s economy requires students prepared for STEM careers,” DeVos said. “That’s why we’ve decided to use the President’s second quarter salary to host a STEM-focused camp for students at the Department of Education. We want to encourage as many children as possible to explore STEM fields in the hope that many develop a passion for these fields.”

President Trump’s first quarterly salary check was donated to the Department of Interior and has been put to use in restoring two projects at Antietam National Battlefield.