Wednesday, July 19, 2017

With No Real Prospect Against Trump, Obama Does The Unthinkable To Take Him Down

Since leaving the White House, Barack Obama seems to be on a mission to discredit President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, he is now one step closer to this goal.
At the moment, there are no real prospects to run against Trump in 2020. Obama is already doing everything in his power to make sure Trump doesn’t win a second term by lifting the donor restriction on his presidential library.
Essentially, this means that anyone who wants to donate to Obama and Democrats can now donate as much as they desire. There is no question this will continue to result in million-dollar gifts like the ones received from corporations like Microsoft and Exelon.
Just last week, the Obama Foundation announced that eight donors have pledged at least $1 million, bringing total fundraising amounts to at least $8 million toward the projected $500 million cost of the library-museum on the South Side of Chicago.

What do you think? Does this corruption need to come to an end?