Friday, July 28, 2017

YOU’RE FIRED: Trump Just Fired Reince Priebus And Replaced Him With FAMOUS War Hero

Donald Trump is getting ready for a BIG shakeup of his cabinet. Sean Spicer was the first to go, now he has Jeff Sessions, Tom Price, and Reince Priebus on the line.
Hell, according to a claim by the New York Times, Trump has openly been telling his staff and reporters that he wants a “general” to be his Chief of Staff, not some pushover like Reince.
Well, that’s when the President decided to fly both Reince Priebus and Scaramucci out for his rally today, brought them both on stage with him, and then did something ONLY President Trump would do…

Trump declared Marine General John Kelly as the new Chief of Staff

Despite having both Scaramucci and Reince Priebus on stage with him, the President decided to tell the crowd,

“I want to congratulate John Kelly who has done an incredible job of secretary of Homeland Security. Incredible. One of our real stars. Truly one of our stars. John Kelly is one of our great stars. You know the border’s down 78 percent.”
He is right, too. In fact, you could argue that James Mattis and John Kelly, both Marines, are the ONLY Cabinet Members that have been successful in pushing Trump’s agenda so far.
I think the lesson here is clear and the President knows it: the Marines really do make GREAT leaders.
The rumor now is that Trump’s other Cabinet members are very against having a Marine like Kelly for a boss. I bet they are scared they will be forced to work. Boohoo.
Still, it would be a shame to lose his as the head of Homeland Security. He is doing a great job. Do you think Trump should appoint a Marine General to run his staff? Comment your answer and share this with all your Family and Friends.