Sunday, August 13, 2017

3.5 million volunteers in North Korea ready to fight against the US

North Korea said yesterday that nearly 3.5 million workers, party members and soldiers have expressed the will to join or reunite the army to endorse UN sanctions and fight against the United States in tensions Geopolitical relationship between Pyongyang and Washington.
Rodon Sinmun, the official North Korean newspaper, said the volunteers expressed their willingness to join or reunite with the People's Army after the Central China News Agency (KCNA) published a communiqué on Monday condemning the new sanctions that the Nations United put on the isolated state as revenge on its missile testing, transmeton Express.

Earlier this week, North Korea armed with nuclear weapons threatened to attack the US and its territory in the Pacific, Guam.

KCNA wrote on Wednesday that a mass rally was held in Pyongyang in support of the government.

Even in the past, North Korea has mobilized large crowds to show its determination when tensions escalate.