Sunday, August 20, 2017

Boston Police Chief Just Said Something About Today’s Protests That Trump Needs To ASAP

Boston Police Department Commissioner William Evans just came out and told reporters on Saturday that leftist protesters had hurled bottles full of urine at the police. Let me repeat that.
This was tweeted out by the Boston Police earlier. Get ready to see the astounding video below.
The commissioner then attacked the free speech protest organizers. There were 27 leftists arrested at the event.
There were 27 leftist agitators arrested at the event. Here is what our amazing President tweeted today about the event.
He thanked the police for the amazing job they did. The police did a great job keeping the thousands of protestors at bay.
There were some minor scuffles attacking conservatives.
SHARE this to expose the violence and agitation from the liberal protestors. The media is not showing this. It’s up to us to get this out there and make it so they can’t ignore it anymore.
Keep fighting the good fight, Patriots. We will drain the swamp and break the media monopoly.