Friday, August 11, 2017

OH HELL NO: YouTube Just Did Something TERRIBLE To Diamond And Silk…And They’re Coming Back SWINGING

Diamond and Silk are in trouble, y’all! YouTube has put a stop on the monetization of 95% of their videos- why? According to Diamond and Silk, it’s because they “are loyal supporters” of President Trump.
YouTube no longer allows users to make money off of videos that promote “extremism” and Diamond and Silk’s videos have (for some reason) been flagged as “Not Suitable For All Advertisers.”
The ladies sounded off in an epic Twitter rant:

Uh Oh! YouTube picked the WRONG fight- and then they even ended it in the BEST way possible:
AMEN! Diamond and Silk make awesome, funny, and hard hitting videos that support President Trump. It looks like YouTube is trying to suppress their viewpoints by de-funding their videos. But we know these ladies WON’T back down.
YouTube released these new guidelines August 1st:
“We’ll soon be applying tougher treatment to videos that aren’t illegal but have been flagged by users as potential violations of our policies on hate speech and violent extremism.”
“If we find that these videos don’t violate our policies but contain controversial religious or supremacist content, they will be placed in a limited state. The videos will remain on YouTube behind an interstitial, won’t be recommended, won’t be monetized, and won’t have key features including comments, suggested videos, and likes.
This sounds like straight up censorship and like it could be abused to silence conservative speakers like Diamond and Silk.
This is NOT Ok. We are asking you to do two things to expose YouTube’s discriminatory policies:
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