Wednesday, August 9, 2017

HUGE WIN: Sarah Huckabee Just Proved New York Times Lies In Most EPIC Way Imaginable

The New York Times thought they were such big $hit yesterday when they “leaked” a climate report that allegedly proves humans cause global warming. According to them, scientists were worried Trump would hide their report. There was 1 big Problem with their BS claims…
Enter Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Yesterday, she SMASHED they lying New York Times claims about their “leaked report” by revealing the one thing they DIDN’T want anyone to see:

Sarah Huckabee revealed the article “leaked” to the New York Times was actually a publicly available draft!

Huckabee told a gaggle of White House reporters on Tuesday afternoon,
“It’s very disappointing, yet entirely predictable to learn The New York Times would write off a draft report without first verifying its contents with the White House or any of the federal agencies directly involved with climate and environmental policy. As others have pointed out – and The New York Times should have noticed – drafts of this report have been published and made widely available online months ago during the public comment period. The White House will withhold comment on any draft report before its scheduled release date.”
DAMMMMMMMM Sarah! You go get ’em. The White House is NOT gonna even comment until after the official release date for the report.
So, not only was the “leaked” document something anyone could have accessed publicly, but it was not even finished. Oh, and to make it even better, one of the people who worked on the report tweeted out,
See what I mean? So, there you have it. The New York Times was so intent on being “heroes” instead of journalists that they published a document claiming it was leaked from 13 federal agency scientists and didn’t even bother to confirm. SAD!
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