Saturday, August 26, 2017

IT’S OVER: Trump Just Did The One Thing That Will End Obama’s Legacy For GOOD

Remember what Trump thinks about political correctness?  He said he doesn’t have much time for it, and this country doesn’t have time for it either.
(courtesy of Face the Nation, via
He also said “it takes too long.” And  “people don’t want it.”  It’s just one reason why we Patriots elected him, right?
Well, the liberals don’t have time for anything else.  They have no sense of humor, no openness to any view other than their own.  Here’s an example:
On Thursday, Trump dared to have a little fun, and retweeted an image of himself covering up former President Obama.  That’s right: ending his legacy!   The original tweet said “best eclipse ever.”  Here it is:

That seems pretty relevant, given this week’s eclipse.  Well, the liberals got their collective panties in a wad over it, of course.  Said he should take it down, it’s not “appropriate,” claimed it was “egging on racists” and that he doesn’t understand eclipses.  Nonsense, all of it.
Trump has been very clear about how he feels about Obama’s presidency.   He obviously thinks he can run the country better.  Obama is the most recent past president and Trump loved a tweet showing him “eclipsing” Obama. That’s it!  Liberals, lighten up…you think too dang much!
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