Wednesday, August 2, 2017

JOBS GALORE: Trump Just Made MASSIVE Jobs Announcement That Will Drive Dems INSANE

When everyone showed up at Trump’s speech on the importance of small business, the LAST thing they were expecting was the announcement of a MASSIVE jobs package beyond their wildest dreams.
Welp, leave it to President Trump to make the impossible, possible.

He revealed today that the Foxconn CEO told him secretly that he wants to invest $30 billion in the United States.

In case you didn’t know, Foxconn is the company that Apple pays to make your iPhones in China.
Now, he may have been being a TINY bit sneaky when he dropped this bombshell on America. After all, he told the crowd,
“He told me off the record — he thinks he may go $30 billion, but he told me that off the record, so I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone.”
“That’s called big business, by the way.”
The funny thing is, just last week Trump revealed that Tim Cook from Apple told Trump “off-the-record” that he was gonna build 3 new plants in America.
It took ’em long enough. Honestly, China has made pretty much ALL of the world’s smart phones for a decade while now while Apple hordes cash and pays a measly 18.3% in taxes. (as a California Company, they should be at a nearly 50% tax rate between their federal and state taxes)
So thank you again, President Trump, for helping to give this country the jobs we NEED to make us great again and not reliant on China.