Saturday, August 12, 2017

Judge REVEALS Dirty SECRET! Jeff Sessions is PROTECTING Loretta Lynch. OUCH!

Judge Andrew Napolitano Is Infuriated – JEFF SESSIONS’ DOJ Is Protecting LYNCH

No wonder President Trump has been angry with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  First he recused himself from the Russia investigation and now he’s just flat out not doing his his job!    (VIDEO BELOW)
On August 6, reported that former Attorney General Lynch had been using an alias for her e-mails involving the the Clinton investigation, aka “matter”, even before FOX News reported it. (Loretta Lynch used ALIAS in efforts to THWART Hillary Clinton Investigation!)
Subsequently, Lynch has admitted that she did, in fact, use her grandmothers name, Elizabeth Carlyle, for her e-mails but she has not explained why.  (VIDEO BELOW)
Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the e-mail issue with Stuart Varney, noting that while their is “nothing illegal ” about it, it does really make one question her intent.  The larger issue is, however, that Jeff Sessions’ DOJ redacted or “blacked out” every single Elizabeth Carlyle e-mail in the documents they turned over, thus protecting Lynch even further.

“Who did the blacking out? The Jeff Sessions Justice Department. That’s what has me infuriated. I would have expected the Obama Justice Department trying to protect its attorney general. But if she did something untoward with Bill Clinton and she apparently did, we have the right to know about it.”    Judge Napolitano

“No wonder the President is angry at Jeff Sessions.” Stuart Varney

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