Friday, August 11, 2017

JUST IN: Mueller Just Got the Worst News Of His Life After Republican Rep Destroys Him

Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin is sick of the conflicts of interest surrounding Robert Mueller and is asking congressmen to sign onto a letter requesting that special counsel Robert Mueller appear publicly in a congressional hearing, According to The Daily Caller
Mueller is the one who is supposed to be investigating the President for possible ties with Russia and the Kremlin as well as election interference from President Putin. Many are skeptical of Mueller however, as he has some conflicts of interest. Like for example his ties with the former FBI Director James Comey.
Even the president himself has called Mueller’s employment of Democratic Donor’s “ridiculous.”
Brian Babin’s letter to congressmen has been obtained and has been requested to be cosigned by other members to be sent to House Judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte and Senate Judiciary chairman Chuck Grassley.
The letter said this:
“Every nominee for United States Attorney must be confirmed by the Senate, a process that brings to the forefront any concerns regarding the nominee’s ability to hold their position in a decent and impartial manner. However, as Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III and his team of lawyers investigate our very own president, we as a nation wait in the dark with very little information about those given this great authority.”
Babin says that there are some SERIOUS concerns when it comes to conflicts of interest. He is talking about the members of Mueller’s counsel either donated to Democrats or have had personal ties with Hillary Clinton herself.
“In addition, this investigation has the potential to drag on for months, or even years, and cost millions in taxpayer dollars,” Babin added.
His goal is to get some major questions answered by Mueller in a public hearing and help get to the bottom of things.
Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks also recently said that Mueller is in “clear violation” of federal law due to his reported friendship with Comey and added that due to this conflict of interest Mueller has to resign.
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