Friday, August 25, 2017

OMG! Hannity Just SNAPPED On The Fake News Media, Reveals Their TRUE Agenda

Just moments ago, on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, Hannity completely OBLITERATED the fake news media and knocked them out of the park in this epic rant about their true agenda.
He starts off his rant by saying, “What ever happened to the media reporting truth and facts, and being fair, balanced, and objective? What we’re seeing now is malpractice.
“They are doing a tremendous disservice to YOU the American people and the country by continually spreading lies and falsehoods about the president and advancing their agenda.”
He continues to talk about the true reason they are spreading so much disinformation and fake news on a daily basis, and that is because of hatred for the president.
He even calls out these so called “journalists” that are supposed to be informing us about the news are the same ones being exposed by Wikileaks for colluding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
He then lists a number of examples of fake news in 2017:
  1. They NY Times, Washington Post, AP, and other falsely report that 17 intel agencies found that Russia interfered in the U.S. election.
  2. CNN publishes a false story connecting Anthony Scaramucci to a Russian investment fund.
  3. CNN’s Jim Acosta tweets that Trump did not visit Rep. Scalise in the hospital.
  4. CNN falsely reports that Comey would refute President Trump’s claim that he is not under investigation.
  5. The Washington Post reported that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein threatened to resign.
  6. The NY Times reported that Comey asked for more resources for Russia inquiry days before he was fired
  7. The NY Times claims VP Mike Pence is running for President in 2020.
  8. The Economist, the New Yorker and Time Magazine run covers likening President Trump to the KKK.
  9. Journalists spread rumor that Dr. Sebastian Gorka will be fired from the White House.
This is only 9 of dozens of fake news stories pushed out by the mainstream media in this year alone. 
We the people should not stand for this disinformation machine and need to stick up for what’s right! Thank you Sean Hannity for calling out the corruption in the media because of hatred for Trump.
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