Monday, August 7, 2017

OMG: Sarah Huckabee Just Glared at Reporters & Said 1 Thing That’ll RUIN Mainstream Media Lies

Sarah Huckabee was on fire today at the press briefing. She handled the liberal media questions like always, but it’s what she said to reporters right before she walked off stage that has everyone talking. 
She glared out at the reporters and exposed their LIES about President Trump and Russia. The reporters sat speechless as their hypocrisy and lies were finally exposed on live TV. (Video Below)
Huckabee said it’s funny how the reporters didn’t ask a single question about Russia today, because there was public testimony today that debunks the ENTIRE Trump-Russia media lie. 
There was testimony under oath that the Trump “Dossier” was a made up document, paid for by a Pro-Hillary group to try and destroy Trump. This is the document that got this whole Trump-Russia nonsense started. WATCH the short video below then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!
Watch the clip here:

And you can watch the full press conference HERE: