Monday, August 7, 2017

When A Black Panther Called Michelle Malkin A ‘Whore,’ She ROASTED Him On LIVE TV

There’s one thing to monologue and speak ill of someone who isn’t in the room to defend themselves. That’s what we see with political pundits every day. It’s a completely different animal to go toe to toe with someone when you’re staring them in the face and they’re coming at you with their worst. For that, you need Michelle Malkin. In a clip taken around the time of the verdict of the historic Duke Lacrosse case, in which white players on a Lacrosse team were accused of raping a black young woman, race baiters from all over were clamoring to get a guilty verdict…and then the facts came out that absolved the accused from any wrongdoing. Yeah…nothing happened. The entire thing was made up, yet mouthpiece blowhards like Al Shapton and Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz still maintain that the accused were still guilty…of something. Entire Michelle Malkin, who had Shabazz on her show to talk about the case, and if Shabazz could apologize to the accused boys in the case. Spoiler Alert: no, and he doubled down and called Malkin a ‘political prostitute.’ She then tears into him to such a degree that he starts stammering and is left speechless, where he can’t answer any of her direct questions. This is one of the most satisfying encounters that I’ve ever seen.
Shabazz blames the case on Mike Nifong, the now-disbarred attorney who represented the accuser. He falsified evidence and basically lied to America. hat Shabazz can’t wrap his tiny brain around, is that this wasn’t a case of racism because nothing happened, no matter what his narrative leads him to want to believe. People like him with a virulent ideology need to go on more shows, so they can get destroyed in the public eye for the charlatans that they truly are. Michelle, you’re doing the Lord’s work.