Friday, August 25, 2017

SECONDS After This GOP Senator Started Attacking Trump, Sarah Sanders Dropped The HAMMER And Left The Whole Room Speechless

Sarah Huckabee Sanders doesn’t play games when it comes to her president. Especially when unsubstantiated rumors are being spread about his character and abilities.
The culprit? Tennessee Senator Bob Corker. Who not only challenged President Trump’s competence, but also claimed he lacks a clear understanding of what makes America great.
“He recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of our nation — what has made it great and what it is today. He’s got to demonstrate the characteristics of a president who understands that. Without those things happening, our nation is going to go through great peril,” Corker said.
How in the world can ANYONE accuse President Trump of not working to make America great again? Or to claim he doesn’t understand what it will take to make that happen? This administration has proven their dedication goes much deeper than a campaign slogan, and to challenge President Trump’s commitment to this goal is frankly just absurd. But Corker continued his barrage of slights regardless.
“The president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the competence, that he needs to demonstrate in order for him to be successful — and our nation and our world needs for him to be successful, whether you are Republican or Democrat,” Corker added.
But Sanders wasn’t having it. She immediately recognized the silliness of Corker’s statements and shut him down with a single sentence.
“I think that’s a ridiculous and outrageous claim and doesn’t dignify a response from this podium,” Sanders said.
And can you blame her? Amidst all the crooked politicians, lying media, assassination threats, and betrayal from inside his own party, President Trump has stood firm in his mission for this country. He has ignored his detractors and moved this nation forward, despite being doubted from day one. If that doesn’t show stability and competence, then I’m not sure what else he can do.
Either these politicians are scared or they’re simply just ignoring the facts. Regardless, our Commander-In-Chief will continue to march forward and fight for this country. Thank God he has people like Sanders in his corner and a nation full of patriotic supporters.
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