Monday, August 7, 2017

The Trump Team JUST Threw A Three-Letter Word In Mueller’s Face That Will Have Him Sweating Bullets

Democrats and Republicans alike have criticized and implored President Trump to stop publicly pushing back against special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.
Republicans such as Senator Susan Collins have even stuck up for Mueller, defending his integrity and honesty despite his long friendship with former FBI Director James Comey, and even after it came to light that Mueller was stacking his investigation’s legal team with pro-Hillary Democrat donors.
President Trump, however, wasn’t elected to play by the rules of establishment politicians, and he’s not about to start now. According to the Washington Times, Bruce Levell, who serves on President Trump’s re-election advisory board summed up the president’s stance perfectly:

“This is a war.

War is the three-letter word Mueller needs to know. Team Trump is not backing down. Levell continued:
Why would we stop talking to the American people? That is the best thing you can do: keep talking to your base. And guess what? The base is growing.
YES. This is exactly what the RINOs and establishment Republicans don’t seem to get- we WANT to hear from the president directly!
Kellyanne Conway concurred in an interview with ABC on Sunday, saying:
“They’ve come up with nothing. We’ve been doing this for almost a year now, and what is there to show for it? What has actually metastasized in a way that we can say, ‘Wow, there’s a smoking gun’?”
She continued:
“People just can’t get over that election,” she said. “The president is going to continue to talk about America, and I suppose others, sadly, will continue to talk about Russia.
President Trump continued his fight against the phony Russia investigation himself on Thursday during his West Virginia rally, declaring “we didn’t win because of Russia, we won because of you.”
It’s a great moment, and you can watch it right here!
The point is, President Trump is not backing down- he will fight against the Russia investigation, and he will do it loudly so ALL the American people know the score.
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