Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Top Dem Just Teamed Up With Trump And Made MASSIVE Declaration On North Korea

Washington is absolutely going wild right now. Almost all the Dems and John McCain have lost it ever since President Trump threatened to rain Fire and Fury on North Korea if they don’t back off.
Now, I say all the Democrats, because one of their top dudes just turned on the party and made a MASSIVE declaration Trump is gonna LOVE…

Joe Lieberman said Trump was RIGHT to threaten North Korea the way he did.

Lieberman told the CNN talk show host,
“I know that President Trump’s words were strong, but I’m not upset about them because we’ve tried for years and years, really decades, diplomatic language and a lot else with the North Koreans and it hasn’t worked.”
He is absolutely right. Ever since President Clinton, all we have done is paid off the Kim family and asked them not to build nukes. Clearly, they took our money and used it to build nukes.
What you really gotta wonder in all of this is “Why are these old Washingtonians defending their failed policy?” Also, why doesn’t McCain just register as a Democrat already? Seriously, we won’t miss him.
All Trump did was lay the law down, on Camera, and people are afraid of their status quo.
NEWS FLASH: Joe Lieberman was right to stand with President Trump. If you agree, then share share share. If you disagree, I don’t care care care.