Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Trump Just Slipped Something GENIUS Into Afghanistan Speech That Is Driving Liberals MAD

Monday night was President Donald Trump’s big announcement on a new strategy in Afghanistan to win the war once-and-for-all. However, what REALLY drove the Dems up the walls was what Trump slipped into the beginning of his speech…

President Trump said that true Patriots don’t have room for prejudice, bigotry, or hate.

Our President said beautiful, unifying words to our torn country including:

“When we open our hearts to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice, no place for bigotry and no tolerance for hate.”

“Loyalty to our nation demands loyalty to one another. Love for America requires love for all of its people.”

And yet, for some reason, there were those on the left who criticized the President’s words to the nation. Over at CNN, Don Lemon got into an argument with his panel when they ALL disagreed with him after he claimed Trump’s remarks were insensitive.
Through some twisted logic, Lemon tried to explain that Trump should have had a press conference for a unifying speech and not mentioned it in the Afghanistan warannouncement. Well, now he can do BOTH if he wants.
Seriously, there is no pleasing some people. Still, most rational folks will hear the President’s words and be moved to see the truth with their own eyes. Help make that happen by sharing this out everywhere.