Saturday, August 19, 2017

TRUMP STRIKES BACK: Last Night Trump Just Kept His BIGGEST Promise About China

Despite what the media tries to spin it as, President Donald Trump absolutely is a promise keeper. People may not understand his methods, but he delivers results and China just learned that the hard way.
Just last week Trump asked United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to look into China and see if we need an investigation into their predatory trade practices. Well, guess what…

President Trump is launching a full-scale investigation into Chinese Trade and Patetent practices.

Lighthizer said in a statement,
“After consulting with stakeholders and other government agencies, I have determined that these critical issues merit a thorough investigation.”
This means Trump just took another key action that all Presidents before him had been too lazy, ignorant, or corrupt to do. He is also sending a very clear message to China after they refused to back Trump on North Korea.
The investigation will focus on Chinese theft of US patents, music, tech, films, etc that China often achieves through bad trade practices thanks to the World Trade Organization.
At this point, the President has made it abundantly clear that he does believe in World trade, but only if it’s done right and the US can come out ahead from it.
Do you like the way Trump is handling foreign affairs? If so, share this everywhere and let Trump see the people actually do stand by their President.