Wednesday, August 30, 2017

URGENT: Trump Hater Threatens To Shoot Trump At Airport, Look What Happened To Him

Trump just visited Texas on Monday and said that he has on his way to Texas. BummyShiii posted about Trump’s visit that he wanted Trump to visit and wanted to “piss on his ass.” The tweets have been protected now.

On Tuesday, BummyShiii posted a comment with photos from the airport.
After he was cautioned by the Secret Service, “Chill secret service Finna pull up to ur crib, they take that shit serious,” Bummy then posted a picture of Air Force One on the tarmac and said the following, “Secret services can suck my dick.”
Bummy then posted the following video of vehicles on the tarmac with the following caption, “They ain’t playing.”
Screen images of @BummyShiii’s tweets are shown below. They were deleted.
The Secret Service office in Austin has currently told the Gateway Pundit that they are looking into the threat to the President.
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Do you think this guy should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for threatening the POTUS.