Tuesday, August 29, 2017

[VIDEO] Don Lemon Tries To Force Morgan Freeman To Race-Bait, Gets Brutally Shut Down Instead

It is very rare to find a member of liberal Hollywood who is willing to risk their career by speaking out against Democrats. It came as such a lovely surprise when Hollywood’s very own Morgan Freeman did just this.
When the arrogant CNN host tried to force Freeman to race-bait, he was silenced as the video shows above.
As reported by CNS News, Lemon asked Freeman, “Do you think poverty is part of genetics, to answer your question?”
“No, you can’t say that,” the Academy Award Winner retorted. “I don’t think wealth, personally, I don’t think wealth and genetics have anything to do with each other, actually.”
“If you’re born in the U.S., it really doesn’t matter the condition of your birth,” Freeman proceeded, “What matters is what you inherit from your nurturing, from your environment, whether or not you are — I mean, this is from the standpoint of having been born with little. Here, you can always get out of that. Poverty is just…”
Lemon asked with a stunned expression, “Do you think race plays a part in wealth distribution?”
“Today? No,” Freeman responded bluntly.
“You don’t?” Lemon urged.
The actor continued, “No. No, I don’t. You and I, we’re proof. Why would race have anything to do with it? Put your mind to what you want to do and go from there.”
“I was born in Memphis, Tennessee [in 1937],” said Morgan Freeman. “I had a long haul from where I came from, to here. But here we are. So proof is in — proof of the pudding is in the eating. Here we sit at the dining table.”
Lemon hesitated, “But it’s hard to — when you say that to people because they say, ‘Here you go with the pull yourself up by the bootstraps thing. You’re just being respectable. Not everybody can do that.”.
“Bullsh**!” Freeman retaliated. “Everybody can! “Not that it doesn’t – [take] courage. Courage is the key to life itself. A lot of people were born in situations, ‘I’ll never get out of this.’ So they won’t. I say to people who say, ‘Well, I would like to have done so and so and so and so.’ Well, you could have done it. ‘I couldn’t get out of here.’ Man, the bus runs every day.”
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