Thursday, August 3, 2017

West Virginia’s Democrat Governor Turns Republican After CRAZY Thing Trump Did To Him

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a former Democrat, is announcing that he is flipping his party to Republican. A senior Republican has confirmed Justice’s plans, according to the Hill.
Here is Trump teasing the announcement below.
Justice is the wealthiest man in West Virginia and just won office last year. He was wooed by both parties and chose Democrat in the end.
This is a huge slap in the face o the Democratic party. The Democratic Governors Association spent more than $1 million to get Justice elected in 2016. The Republican Governors Association fought back with $3.7 million.

During the election last year, Trump took 68% of the vote in West Virginia and beat Hillary by 41 points. The New York Times was the first to break the report that Justice will flip parties. Sounds like Jim Justice didn’t have much of a choice. The people have chosen Trump.
Trump teased the announcement earlier and said the following specifically:
“We’re going to have a very big announcement, which will be very exciting I think for the media and everyone else,” Trump said. “I believe I’ll be making it in West Virginia, so that will be very exciting.”
Share this if you to welcome Gov. Justice aboard the Trump train. Let’s send him a message that we are all glad that he finally saw the right.
Let’s keep turning these people away from the Democrats.