Monday, September 11, 2017

As Trump & Melania Walked Out Of White House, Everyone Noticed TRAGIC New Thing About Them

Sixteen years ago, the US came under attack by radical Islamic terrorists. There were 2,997 people murdered in the attack carried out by the Islamic group, named Al-Qaeda. The Twin Towers was destroyed in the attack in footage that all of us watched with horror.
Today, we have a populist president that wants to defeat Islamic terror and put this country first. Watch the video below and be proud that we have such an amazing President.
We will never forget those that fell on that day. We will never forget the attack that occurred on our soil. We can never give in to the monster that is radical islamic terror.
Share this everywhere if you are proud that we have President that is fighting terrorism around the world again instead of paying them billions of dollars. Trump has already defeated ISIS in Syria and it is not going to start there.
God bless this President. Share this if you are proud of the amazing President that we have and will never forget the tragedy that occurred today. 
Thanks for reading.