Saturday, September 23, 2017

Immediately After McCain Saved ObamaCare AGAIN, Mike Huckabee BLASTED Him With 4 Brutal Words

There are not many politicians out there who are funnier AND love America more than Governor Mike Huckabee. And you can bet he was NOT one bit happy when he heard that John McCain had managed to save ObamaCare again at the last minute.
So did Gov Huckabee sit around on his hands and do nothing about it? HELL NO! He took action, jumped online, and before you can say “ObamaCare” Huckabee BLASTED McCain back to the Stone Age.
The funny thing about his little “Jimmy Kimmel” joke is that Kimmel actually came out and called McCain an American Hero over his decision to not help repeal ObamaCare.
Now, while Huckabee’s words may seem in good fun, this is a very serious situation. This was the last chance to repeal ObamaCare. After this week, Republicans will need 60 votes instead of 50 to get it repealed and replaced thanks to Senate budget rules.
Still, we gotta help them SHAME these do-nothing Senators like McCain and Rand Paul until they either:
  1. Do their jobs.
  2. We can get someone else in there to do their job for them.
Can y’all do us a favor and share this out if you think it’s high time the US Senators start representing the people who elect them?