Friday, September 15, 2017

WATCH Mike Huckabee DESTROY Congressional GOP – “They’re Utterly WORTHLESS”

Former governor Mike Huckabee gave President Trump high marks Wednesday on Fox News after Trump struck a deal with Democratic members of congress. Though Republicans are skeptical over the deal, Huckabee knows what Trump is thinking and knows he made the smartest decision. “mesothelioma survival rates”
“Today was a smart move on the part of the president. This is something that was going to inevitably happen, the debt ceiling was going to increase.”
Huckabee goes on to completely RIP into the GOP Congressional members who have literally FAILED to do anything for the American people. He praised Trump for actually taking action!
“It gives Trump an opportunity to say, ‘I’m not the guy that blocks everything. He’s dealing with a bunch of incompetent Republicans who are so completely impotent that a year’s supply of political Viagra would not make them capable of getting something done.” “mesothelioma survival rates”

Huckabee tangents a bit to finish with a final blow to an “utterly worthless” congress. “mesothelioma survival rates”
“I am sick of the Republicans in Congress,” he said. “They have the numbers to get something done, and they can’t even get together on changing the doggone tax code.”
Unfortunately, everything that Mike Huckabee says is completely true. The Congressional GOP members have blocked nearly every bull that President Trump has introduced. They have talked about getting things done for the past eight years, and now that they have the President ready, they are holding back.
President Trump has had enough. He refuses to be a placeholder President who achieves nothing for the American people. He will do whatever it takes to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!