Friday, October 6, 2017

After Hillary Clinton Insulted Trump On Vegas, Jesse Waters Punches Back With One EPIC Sentence

President Trump’s response to the Las Vegas shooting was an amazing example of his superior presidency and show of compassion for the citizens of this country. Unfortunately, not all think the same.
Hillary Clinton is known for bashing President Trump just about whenever she can, even in cases where it is logically and morally incorrect. She shamed the president for his response on the Las Vegas mass murder, even after he personally paid visits to numerous hospitalized victims with the First Lady.
Jesse Waters brilliantly exposes Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy in an EPIC take down in this short clip. Watch His Genius Response:
“Has the Clinton Foundation donated to Harvey? To Puerto Rico?”
“I want to see the receipts.”
“Has Hillary been to Vegas? Does the book tour not go to Vegas?”
“She could easily be in Vegas comforting victims but no.”
“She’s the one tweeting, she’s the one hawking her book for cash. While Trump’s comforting victims and Trump’s bailing out people.”
“So I don’t want to hear it anymore, she’s a punchline.”
THAT WAS EPIC! Jesse Waters hit the nail on the head with that response! Hillary Clinton is tweeting on and on about President Trump and how he is being a horrible President and how she would have been so much better.
All while she is desperately selling her book like a used car salesman touring around the country and not doing ANY of the things that help our country in any way WHATSOEVER.
I think this is a great example of how a Clinton presidency would look. It would consist of her doing the same thing she did for American citizens in Benghazi, absolutely nothing.
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