Wednesday, October 4, 2017

CAIR Attorney Running For US Senate Just Revealed Horrifying Islamic Agenda For USA If Elected

At first glance, the woman in the brightly colored hajib looks like a modern member of her faith who, although adopting the traditional symbol of her faith, also represents the melting pot that is America.

But a closer look at the 45-year-old attorney, who has declared her candidacy to primary Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake, reveals deep concerns about her reasons for running – and her intentions if she wins.
Abboud, who was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and converted to Islam as an adult, is an attorney in Arizona, but she made a local name for herself for establishing the first chapter of CAIR in Arizona.
Concerns about Abboud arise from her association CAIR, which has been deemed a “terrorist”organization by The United Arab Emirates right along with other groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas.
Although CAIR was invited to the Obama White House on numerous occasions and claims that it is like any other “civil society organizations that peacefully promote civil and democratic rights and that oppose terrorism whenever it occurs, wherever it occurs and whoever carries it out,” in fact, the organization was ousted as an unindicted co-conspirator in a case regarding funding to extremist group Hamas.
How many “civil society organizations that peacefully promote civil and democratic rights” can be said to fund terror groups in the Middle East?
Abboud claims to have received negative publicity and Facebook attacks because she chooses to wear the head covering that is a symbol of her faith, failing to appreciate that such Muslim symbols also stand for the oppression of women, and a rigid code of public punishment for transgressions like daring to drive a car, leave the house without a male chaperone or even show their face in public.
The hajib is a symbol of a society where husbands may beat their wives for disobedience.
Where mothers participate in honor killings of their daughters.
A world that is stuck in the 7th century of its founding.
Abboud fails to recognize – or chooses to admit – the impossibility of adhering to the Muslim code that puts her in a hajib while defending and promoting American values of freedom and equality – yes, even for women.
An American flag – a symbol of freedom, flew behind the CAIR activist as she announced her candidacy.
Significantly, it was flown upside down.
Please comment below if you share concerns that the Muslim faith's oppression of women raises concerns about the dedication of Muslim candidates to American values of freedom and equality.