Tuesday, October 3, 2017

IN Puerto Rico Trump Looked Into Eyes Of San Juan Mayor And Revealed Who She Really Is

Trump just shook hands with San Juan’s mayor after their war of words during the week. That’s what our President does. He is a healer even though the media attacks him constantly. Take a look at the pic below and watch what Trump does to the San Juan mayor below.
Extra Extra. Read all about it… Here is another angle.
Now watch what Trump said right to the San Juan Mayor’s face and said this.
Then our President congratulated everybody there on the job they have been doing.
Hell Yes. President Trump pulls no punches. Spread this all over your social media if you are proud of our President. Screw what the media about him. He is on the ground listening to everything we need to know about the crisis and not listening to the MSM.
Keep fighting patriots.