Friday, October 20, 2017

James Woods Just DESTROYED This “Rodeo Clown” In Rant That’ll Get Her Kicked Out Of Washington

James Woods went out on Twitter this morning to attack the liberal lunatic Rep. Wilson and it is amazing. This is why we love James Woods.
Obviously, Frederica Wilson wants some attention, so James Woods gave her some. Wilson even called herself a “rock star” over the scandal.
She is sick. James woods set her straight.
Double ouch.
James Woods isn’t holding back.
James Woods is about to K.O. this cow girl.

The Democrats are not sending their best.
James Woods called Wilson a “parasitic rodeo clown.” That’s a perfect name for her. Let’s get this nickname to stick.
She wants to be famous so bad. Let’s make her famous.
Share this article with three Trump voters that you know and describe Wilson in two words below in the comments. Let’s show this cretin that we are tired of all the Democratic lies about our President.
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