Sunday, October 1, 2017

NFL Players’ Moms Scold Trump With This Ridicule Letter

This is so embarrassing…
NFL players are now using their mothers to stand up to President Donald Trump since protesting is not working out the way they had originally hoped. The Professional Football Players Mothers Association (PFPMA) just sent our president a letter reprimanding him for using bad words.
The letter read, “[We] believe in promoting a positive image of professional football players as athletes and young men of character. It saddens the PFPMA to know that President Donald Trump would make our sons — as well as their mothers — the target of inflammatory, offensive comments that are intended to promote anger and hatred, depleting them of their heritage and self-identity.”
The mothers explained, “Whether it be by kneeling or standing with their arms locked, our sons have chosen this platform to get the message out about social justice and unity, and they will always have our support.”
Finally stating, “Now that we obviously have your attention, let’s put a stop to the divisive language and start a productive dialogue for positive change.”
Should the players be ashamed?