Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sarah Huckabee Just Stepped to The Podium & Told The San Juan Mayor 1 Thing That’ll END Her Career

Moments ago, during the daily press briefing in the White House, liberal reporter April Ryan brought up the Mayor of San Juan’s t-shirt she chose to wear after President Trump left the island which read “nasty,” in an apparent attack agains’t President Trump after he called out her “nasty” lies about him.
Ryan went on to say that Trump’s visit was “controversial” and that’s when Sarah Huckabee took over and utterly DESTROYED the San Juan mayor for being the awful, political hack mayor that she is.  This is a must see! (VIDEO BELOW)

“It wasn’t controversial at all.  It was actually widely praised even by democrats.  I think it’s sad that the mayor of San Juan chose to make a political statement instead of focusing on the relief efforts.  The President invited her to be part of that conversation.  He specifically asked in the meeting where many were present, including a couple other dozen mayors who were very happy with the recovery efforts.  The governor, the congresswoman.  He opened the floor up for discussion and she actually made ZERO comments.  To me that was the time and the place where she should have weighed in and asked for what she needed, and laved out what she was asking for for San Juan.  She didn’t.  Instead she chose to wait until the President left and then criticized him on TV; which I think is the wrong for her to do for her constituents, and I hope the next time she is given the opportunity to help her constituents she will take it.”