Thursday, October 19, 2017

Travel ban has been blocked again...

American District Judge Derric Watson , who have blocked the travel ban of President Trump earlier this year, is the same judge who  has been ruin the latest travel ban just before it was taken  in all country
The same judge, in Honolulu, cancel the newest ban for traveling that have forbidden entering for the people from Syria , Libya , Iran , Yemen , Somalia , Chad and North Korea.
As there is information’s, he is old friend of Obama and he have been selected in the time of Obama’s rulings. Ironically, he has announced that this order at President Trump is mostly with same notes like from his precursor
People in the White House did not stay still on this announcement, they replay with dose of resentment on the judge, who have strictly pointed with contempt on Tramp to stay impartial in this situation.
Order of district court is totally opposite of the effort that US President Trump makes for safety of his people. His idea is to minimize entering in US and Justice Department support his idea and will fight for making this happened.
Justice department and attorney General Jeff Sessions probably are preparing on “battlefield “for this matter. In the other hand, District Judge Watson act like typical librarian when something is not like he has imagined