Saturday, October 7, 2017

UNLV Professor Just Caught On Video BRAINWASHING Students To Think Trump Caused Vegas Massacre

University Professors have managed to sink even lower into the liberal cesspool than ever before. Now, a professor at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada was caught on camera literally trying to brainwash her students to believe President Trump caused the horrible Vegas Massacre.
Tessa Winkelmann, an assistant professor at UNLV, was caught on video telling her History 407 class the insane reasoning that made her blame the President for the tragedy.
Winkelmann told her class (since the video is VERY hard to hear),
‘Right when he got elected, I told my classes, three semesters ago, that some of us won’t be affected by this presidency, but others are going to die. Other people will die because of this.
The lunatic professor continued,
‘He’s threatened to declare violence against North Korea and other places.’
‘And words, especially if they’re coming from someone who is the president, have consequences.
‘I don’t know that these events would have inevitably happened whether or not he got elected, but he has rhetorical powers every president has to encourage or to discourage (violence). So far all he’s done is to encourage violence.’
It is completely unacceptable that a teacher at a publicly funded university can say this garbage to her students. We need to make it clear that we will not accept it. First of all, share this article out. Then find a way to contact UNLV and tell them to FIRE Tessa Winkelmann for lying instead of teaching.