Thursday, October 5, 2017

[VIDEO] Restaurant Owner Who Stopped Airing NFL Games Now Faces Unexpected Consequences

A Marine veteran named Bill DeFries refused to play the NFL games on the TVs in his Beef O’Brady’s restaurant to protest the “disrespect” that football players have been displaying during the National Anthem.
The owner explained that when he called to get a refund for his DirecTV NFL package, it wasn’t an option, and he would still have to pay that $6,000. He was feeling indifferent about what he had done, but then the most incredible thing started happening.
Bill DeFries stated, “It turns out the enormous amount of pride and reverence that we have for the national anthem and everything that it means to us as a free people … is shared by the vast majority of Americans.”
He also mentioned that he is “seeing it firsthand.”
This is amazing.
Take a look: