Monday, October 16, 2017

Whataburger’s New Policy: Kick Police Officers Out At Night

It is appalling the way law enforcement is being treated by the public due to the perception of the police being tainted by liberal media sources. The police are here to protect and serve, but because there is more liberal media coverage of police mistakes than actual problems the country faces, police officers have become the scapegoat for societies problems and it’s totally unfair.
The most recent news we have of a member of the public unfairly taking out their anger on a police officer happened at a Whataburger in Texas.
Police Chief Jay Burch of the Dennison, Texas police force alleged, in a lengthy Facebook post, that his officers were cursed out by a Whataburger employee upon entering the restaurant and the manager of the store basically shrugged of the incident and said “I don’t get into politics”.
He added, “Now going somewhere else in Denison in the middle of the night is not easy because our officers don’t have many options. What really gets my goat with such an incident is that while most of us are sleeping – sleeping!, the officers are out there working hard to keep us safe and when trying to take a break to eat – they face this type of reception from an employee of a local business and management calls it ‘politics’?”
In a statement, a Whataburger spokesperson said “an individual employee acted out of line with Whataburger’s values to treat all customers with respect. We took swift action and this person is no longer employed by us.”
Denison Sgt. Holly Jenkins said on Facebook that the employee was unapologetic, expressed her hatred toward police and said she would continue to refuse service to police officers.

I wonder what she would say if she called ‘911’ and the police decided that they were going to refuse service to her?