Saturday, November 4, 2017

Reporter Forced To Apologize To Sarah Sanders After Saying This UNFORGIVABLE Thing About Her Appearance...

As the public face of the Trump administration, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is used to coming under attack. This week, however, the press secretary was hit by criticisms more disgusting than ever before — she was called fat, ugly, and stupid.
As chronicled by the Daily Caller, several liberal reporters have begun attacking Sanders for her appearance and weight.
“Rather than the fake eyelashes and formal dresses she puts on for news briefings, Sanders seems as if she’d be more comfortable in sweats and running shoes,” LA Times David Horsey wrote in a piece on Wednesday.

But the worst thing came when he claimed Sanders “looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids’ games” than a press secretary.
He was forced to retract the statement in a subsequent post.
At another paper, New York Times reporter Frank Bruni said, “to listen to her pronounce ‘priorities’ is akin to hearing the air seep out of a flat tire, and she leaves half of the consonants on the curb.”
This unforgivably disgusting attack on Sanders’ intelligence and appearance isn’t new. SNL once infamously mocked Sanders when she first appeared behind the podium, calling her mother a “southern hamburger.”
Sanders didn’t care then — and she doesn’t mind now. She’s too busy KILLING IT as our fabulous press secretary!
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She is too gorgeous and too good of a person to endure such a ridiculous attack.