Sunday, November 5, 2017

Texas Shooter Identified: The Media Doesn’t Want You To See Why Devin Kelly Did It

Devin P. Kelly has just been identified as the gunman that killed at least 25 people at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. There are at least 30 wounded up to this point.
According to CBS, the name of the shooter is Devin Patrick Kelly. All you need to know about Devin Patrick Kelly is below.

The mass shooting was horrible and the shooting wounded almost everyone in the church.
1. Kelly displayed a rifle on his Facebook. 

Here’s his Facebook profile via Twitter

Devin Patrick Kelly has been identified as the shooter, said a US official to the Daily Beast.
2. Kelly was in the Air Force according to his Linked In. 

He graduated highschool in 2009 and served since then in the Air Force till 2013, according to his Linked In.
He taught at a Bible school soon after that.
3. He was a San Antonio resident. 
Watch the families in tears from this horrific shooting. Let’s a prayer together right now about this evil. Lord. Protect us from the darkness that threatens to swallow our land. Send your love and healing to the victims and please let that little infant into heaven.
Amen. Share this and keep the prayer going, please.